Crucial MX300 525 GB SSD $149.99 CAD

In 2016, the crazy Amazon Prime Day, there was a Crucial MX300 750 GB SSD was on sale at $179.99, which was a great deal.

Now, another smaller size but still big enough, Crucial MX300 525 GB SSD, the price dropped to $149.99, which is the lowest price of this year, with sold by Amazon. If anyone want a nice SSD, this one can be a good choice for you.

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About My Skills in 3D Animation (MEL, Animation, Rendering)

My friends and Colleagues were surprised with my UI skills no matter on WPF or Windows Form or Web applications. Most of my software could have much more beautiful than other software developers. I can not tell you what the exact reason is, but I can tell you I do NOT ONLY have bachelor’s degree of Computer Science with many years software development experiences. BUT ALSO I own 3D Animation Certificate from a popular Canadian Public College, I guess I have more sensitive feeling and better ideas on some art works than other software developers

I had a blog which was about my computer programming and 3D Animation stuff. There were lots of interesting content, but finally the blog was closed by 3rd party service. The possible reason was because I did not maintaining and updating long time.

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What is .FFU File ?

If you recently research Windows 10 IoT with some hardware board such as Raspberry Pi, you should see the .FFU file, and you might realize you can not get enough information from Google search to know the .FFU file information.

Actually, .FFU file is more known by those Windows IoT developers, they download Windows 10 IoT Core package, and they will see .FFU file on the computer folder.


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