Visual Studio Code Does NOT Come With Git Installation by Default

When we use Visual Studio 2015 or 2017, we see the Git feature is provided by default. At least, we do not need to install Git separately, Git can be installed with Visual Studio together. When new cross platform supported Visual Studio Code came, we thought it will come with Git together by default. But actually it is NOT. At least, in current newest version 1.19.3.

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Using VisualSVN plugin to Add a Project on SVN Server in VS 2013

Before we were using AnkhSVN plugin in Visual Studio, but sometimes we got unknown issues when we have multiple team members, so later we changed to VisualSVN plugin, we feels the new one is more stable.

Here is a sample which about how to add a project to SVN server using VisualSVN plugin in Visual Studio 2013.

All steps suppose you have installed VisualSVN plugin.

1: Right click the solution name in Visual Studio 2013, select “Add Solution to Subversion…”:


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Visual Studio Online Service Down Today

This is the first time I meet Microsoft Visual Studio Online Service down, I could not connect to my VS Online Projects, they might call it is User Hub. Some of my source code are on VS Online.

When I tried to login the VS Online account, I could access home page without problem, but could not access user hub, got the following error sometimes, or just a timeout message:

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Visual Studio 2013 Installer Projects

I have mentioned in my previous blog Microsoft removed nice Setup Project after Visual Studio 2010, and forced developer to use  the 3rd party tool: InstallShield Limited Edition.

But, normally developers do NOT like using InstallShield Limited Edition since we have to install the limited edition with license number, even it is free but still not convenient if we changed the developer machine or copy source code to another developer. and, problems are not only this, please read the user voice and votes:

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Microsoft Product Lifecycle Search

I want to guess when is the next release date about one of Microsoft products, so I might have a good way to search Microsoft product release lifecycle.

I found Microsoft provide a related web page, though it is not exact what I wanted, but you can get help information if you just want to “guess” the release date.

Here is Microsoft Visual Studio lifecycle information.

Steps of Project Connects Visual Studio Online Git Project

If you create a new project, and want to use Visual Studio Online to control your source code, for example, use Git which provided by Visual Studio Online, using the following steps, you can get the connection between your local project and remote Git very well:

1: Create a new project in Visual Studio Online, and set the source control to Git (actually it is up to you here, you can select other option here, but this blog’s sample is using Git);

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An error was raised by libgit2. Category = Net (Error)

We used Visual Studio 2013 and Git source control to connect Visual Studio Online, see previous blog here.

When we tried to Sync master branch, we got the following error message:

An error occurred. Detailed message: An error was raised by libgit2. Category = Net (Error).
An error occurred while sending the request.

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