WPF: Microsoft is still Investing on It (2015 March)

2015 DontnetConf just passed, .NET developers got many existing news from .NET team and community. WPF is the one.

In last year, Nov 12, WPF team announced a new Roadmap for WPF. but there were not enough and details information.

But on the 2015 dontnetConf, we got more information, Microsoft will definitely continue to support WPF, and, they announce they will have the following areas of investment.

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WPF and Windows Form Integration Application Localization

We have a Windows From application to load WPF modules, due to Microsoft programming guide, they called this kind of application as WPF and Windows Form integration application.

What ever, we now need the integration application to support multiple cultures, is localization.

Let’s start from a simple application, a Windows Form application load a WPF control.

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WPF: Follow Parent’s Size 1

There are different ways to get child size follows parent’s size, here I collect 3 of them first:

<…. Parent container > (note: StackPanel not work maybe? not sure here)

<TextBox Width="{Binding ElementName=ParentContainer, Path=ActualWidth}"
    Text="Text" HorizontalAlignment="Left" MaxWidth="200" />
</…. Parent container >

2: Using DataTemplate:
Width="{Binding ActualWidth,RelativeSource={RelativeSource FindAncestor, 
AncestorType={x:Type ScrollContentPresenter}}}"

3: Use Grid:
        <ColumnDefinition Width="*" MaxWidth="100"/>

    <TextBox Text="Text" />
Anyway, you have to know different case get different result, not guarantee above methods work for your case.