WPF: Microsoft is still Investing on It (2015 March)

2015 DontnetConf just passed, .NET developers got many existing news from .NET team and community. WPF is the one.

In last year, Nov 12, WPF team announced a new Roadmap for WPF. but there were not enough and details information.

But on the 2015 dontnetConf, we got more information, Microsoft will definitely continue to support WPF, and, they announce they will have the following areas of investment.

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WPF and Windows Form Integration Application Localization

We have a Windows From application to load WPF modules, due to Microsoft programming guide, they called this kind of application as WPF and Windows Form integration application.

What ever, we now need the integration application to support multiple cultures, is localization.

Let’s start from a simple application, a Windows Form application load a WPF control.

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WPF: Follow Parent’s Size 1

There are different ways to get child size follows parent’s size, here I collect 3 of them first:

<…. Parent container > (note: StackPanel not work maybe? not sure here)

<TextBox Width="{Binding ElementName=ParentContainer, Path=ActualWidth}"
    Text="Text" HorizontalAlignment="Left" MaxWidth="200" />
</…. Parent container >

2: Using DataTemplate:
Width="{Binding ActualWidth,RelativeSource={RelativeSource FindAncestor, 
AncestorType={x:Type ScrollContentPresenter}}}"

3: Use Grid:
        <ColumnDefinition Width="*" MaxWidth="100"/>

    <TextBox Text="Text" />
Anyway, you have to know different case get different result, not guarantee above methods work for your case.

Host SignalR 2.0 in WPF Application

Microsoft has released new versions of ASP.NET, Visual Studio, SignalR etc. The real-time web might be focused on their SignalR tech since SignalR supports Web Sockets and other compatible techs.

Our team will have a new web project which needs us host SignalR in a WPF application. We searched online long time but most of SignalR Self-hosting samples only indicated how to host SignalR in a Console application.

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A Simulator Program Using WPF

This simulator program was for simulating a special company devices, which are for Coal Mine field gas detection.

We had plan to continue release new version, however, the time was occupied by most other software projects after this simulator program 1st version released. At that time the simulator worked perfect for company new computer control system internal testing. Actually, why this Simulator program built just because of internal testing requirement.

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Why As A Microsoft Tech Developer is So Painful!

When the years of Java Learn from C++, I did not have a good chance and a good reason to turn to Java, I think it was my BIG BIG Bad luck in my life. so, through so many years, I am keeping on the Microsoft technologies.

When I first time study computer development, I used stand C, later my teacher taught us C++, I was thinking the C++ was so powerful! actually, even until today, nobody doubts the power of C++ still. C++ should be the in the No 1 position of computer language in this world.

But the world keeping changes, new tech keeping coming out, C++ is powerful, but might not the most convenient computer language, so all big IT companies published their new tool, new platform, and new languages.

For Microsoft, not only computer language, they released lots of stuff which they called new tech, new products.

Java was learning from C++, but later, Microsoft’s C# learn from Java.

So for me the C# language should be a luck thing, because it looks like Java.

However, my headache is: Seems Microsoft always changing their developing platform and tech,  when they first released .NET 1.x, 2.X, I spent lots of nights and days to learn their Windows Forms and Web Forms tech, when I finally acknowledged some skills on them, Microsoft released .NET 3.x with WPF for Windows application, by now Microsoft has 2 main much different Windows local application development tech were shown on their official website:


(A little different with previous version of above screen is the WPF changed to left, which looks like WPF has already became the main Windows local application tech replace of Windows Forms)

NOT ONLY local Windows Application, but also on Web.

Before, Microsoft’s web development mainly focused on ASP.NET Web Forms, so that ASP.NET developer could easier to handle all kinds of Web application using ASP.NET web forms tech. But now, Microsoft looks like has spent very Major resources and budgets for the newer web tech: MVC.

So for Microsoft tech developer, we have to learn ASP.NET MVC now. What a painful thing!


You might say I don’t need to learn new tech just using old tech, but if I don’t learn, I will be ignore in coming projects. so I have to keep on the step of Micorosoft’s tech, I don’t know how the Java situation is,  when I have time, I should get some Java message, if Java is easier, I might turn to Java? Let me know.