Microsoft Announces Xamarin Technologies are Free and Open Source

In today’s Microsoft Build 2016 event, Microsoft’s Scott Gu just announced that Xamarin will be available in Visual Studio family WITHOUT extra cost, even in the free edition of Visual Studio Community and Visual Studio Code. Xamarin Studio for OS X will be free as a community edition.

Also, Microsoft announced the Xamarin is open source. it will be one project of Microsoft’s open source family .NET foundation.

Please read more info from Xamarin official website.

Microsoft just announced acquiring Xamarin in end of last month.

Microsoft Signed Agreement to Acquire Xamarin

I just read the BIG and GREAT news to all Microsoft technologies developers this morning. But I read it some lately: Microsoft has signed an agreement to acquire Xamarin !! This is really an existing news, and it happened 2 days ago (actually less than 48 hours ago).

All mobile developers and all Microsoft tech developers should know Xamarin, which is the leading platform provide for mobile app development !


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Microsoft Announced .NET Open Source and Visual Studio Free

I missed a big event from Microsoft in passed 2 days since I was busy on our business project. I forgot the event date. so, I missed the big news from Microsoft. I just realized Microsoft took .NET open source, and released Visual Studio full feature edition.

Yes, .NET open-sourced to everybody, and Visual Studio is free to everybody now; Also, .NET will be running on Linux and Mac systems eventually! And, Programmers will be able to use Visual Studio to develop Android and Mac projects directly!

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Highlights of Microsoft Build 2014 Day 2

Day 2 of Build 2014 focused on Cloud Computing: Microsoft public cloud platform: Azure; also they had private cloud computing content.


1: …
2: …
3: …

Seems all above were about Microsoft Azure and related cloud computing

5: (Very interesting thing!)

Mr. Anders Hejlsberg, pressed the public button to push Roslyn – The next generation of Microsoft .NET Compiler Platform  to Open Source !!

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Highlights of Microsoft Build 2014 Day 1

2014 April 2, The day 1 of Microsoft Build 2014.


1: Windows phone 8.1 update;
2: Windows 8.1 update;
3: Personal voice assistant: Cortana;
4: Universal application for desktop and mobile;
5: WinJS becomes open source;
6: Xbox One can run Win8 desktop application directly;
7: Windows to The internet of thing (IoT) and is free;
8: Windows is free to all Windows phone makers;
9 Windows is free to all tablet makers (size < 9") ;
10: TypeScript 1.0 released; (TypeScript is to replace JavaScript)
11: New CEO said: Cloud first ! Mobile First !

See official video playback here.

Windows Phone / RT System Will Be Free ?

This morning we read a news about Microsoft is considering making Windows Phone and Windows RT system free of charge.

I think it is not bad because most of phone makers are using free mobile OS system Android. another non-free mobile OS system is Apple OS but people like Apple, so the market shares of Android and Apple OS are much bigger than Windows Phone / RT, it doesn’t make sense if Microsoft still charge Windows Phone / RT from device makers. also, Microsoft owns Nokia mobile department now, and Nokia has the most big Windows phone market share at present.

About more details news, read the verge.