Visual Studio Code Does NOT Come With Git Installation by Default

When we use Visual Studio 2015 or 2017, we see the Git feature is provided by default. At least, we do not need to install Git separately, Git can be installed with Visual Studio together. When new cross platform supported Visual Studio Code came, we thought it will come with Git together by default. But actually it is NOT. At least, in current newest version 1.19.3.

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Experienced Software Developer Still Faces to Code or Basic Acknowledge Test When Interview

As a IT guy, a Software Developer, a Microsoft technologies developer (from C++ to .NET ) with over 24 years development history, I still have to face to some awkward (embarrassed ? ) situations such as job interviews. I left school so many years, but some interviews still needed me to give correct answers for some basic computer and programming acknowledges, such as: What is C# ? What features does OO have ? or I was asked for writing code to give a good performance program to implement a scanning or searching case based on stack or queue ….

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Microsoft’s Technologies are keeping expanding

Microsoft is becoming cool. They are releasing more and more amazing technologies and expanding their technologies to be applied widely. I mentioned before, Google and Apple’s technologies seems were always welcome by young people since they thought those technologies were cool, but they thought the technologies which were came from Microsoft were most “old, out of dated”.

I was from a C/C++ developer when I worked on both of Windows and Unix platforms. When I worked on Unix system, I had at least 4 years did not touch any Windows develop technologies. After I left Unix environment, I realized Microsoft C# was approved as a standard by ECMA and ISO, then I turned into C# and .NET technologies world. After almost 12 years past, I realize Microsoft’s technologies never forced me leaving to another major technology and language such as Java, even Java and C# are very similar, but according to my received real requirement and finished applications, the .NET and related technologies have never become weak but become more and more stronger, more wider on applications.

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Microsoft is Too Smart to Name Their Products

Microsoft made lots of software, and even hardware devices. Also, Microsoft named lots of products which they released. If you are a developer, or if you used Microsoft products, you also know Microsoft keeps changing many product names and canceling many products, especially they cancelled when you just spent time to learn them. but what ever, you know a truth, Microsoft like to give names to their products, and, they always thought the names were great.

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No Internet Access After Upgrading to Windows 10

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Some Windows users got a network issue after upgrading Windows 8.1 or 7 to Windows 10: They could not access to internet. The network icon showed limited connection and a message “No Internet access”;

By now, I found the most cases were:

1: Network driver issue in Windows 10, with ONLY wireless network issue;

2: If you installed Hyper-V or other type Virtual Machines on existed Windows 8.1 pro system, you have more chance to get the No-Internet issue;


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