Amazon 2016 Prime Day: Crazy Deals just 1 Day

July 12 is Amazon Prime Day. There are 100,000 deals to all Prime members in all over the world Amazon websites. There are many crazy deals in this day including hot items such as SSD, Kitchenware, Home tools etc.

The general Amazon 2016 Prime Day link is HERE. (You can take Prime member 30 days trial for free and cancel it anytime, that means you can sign up to be an Amazon Prime member to order items today, and cancel the Prime member after 30-day trial or even cancel the membership tomorrow, so that Amazon will not charge your Prime annual fee after 30-day trial)

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Website Updated

We updated due to new technologies and new devices. More and more people are using mobile devices now, some people will never use computer then, so the website should follow the new times.

The old face of was the following one, It was OK for any computers, but might not perfect for cell phone.


Good Bye, old CodeEase face !

About MODBUS 1

What is MODBUS ?

MODBUS is an application layer messaging protocol, positioned at level 7 of the OSI model, which provides client/server communication between devices connected on different types of buses or networks.

(Note: compared MODBUS, there is a newer protocol called DPWS – Devices Profile for Web Service, which is based on Web Services for Devices, WSD, this one is better for new devices which will used for web communication, such as home automation, but for all existing MODBUS devices, whether need considering to use WSD really depends on market requirement. )

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Disable Dell studio laptop touchpad on Windows 7 and install driver

We had a post about “Install Windows 7 on Dell Studio 1535 laptop and Dual Boot with Vista”, after you followed the guide to install Windows 7 on your Dell Studio laptop, you can see all hardware drivers seems “no more error” because they are all on normal status in hardware device list.

However, later you will find some of hardware might not work correct exactly, for example: the touchpad, you can not use scrolling feature when you view webpages. That indicates we have not installed a “exact” driver for touchpad.

Well, how we can make the touchpad work correct is that we can ONLY to find its driver. However, Dell never supported a Windows 7 driver for studio 1535. and they do not recommend to install Windows 7 on studio 1535 since they mentioned hardware not support.

Now we can “open” our mind: Dell does not provide Windows 7 drivers, but they provided Vista drivers. Windows 7 was built based on Vista, so why we don’t try to install Vista drivers on Windows 7?

OK, let us try now.

Go to Dell’s support web page for studio 1535, and select drivers for “Windows Vista 64 bits” operation system, and set category to “Mouse & Keyboards”, see below:


And now you can see the result list, there is a driver for Alps TouchPad, because there is only one TouchPad, so we suppose it should be the one we need, so just download it.


After download the file (the file name is R192617.exe) and double click to run and install it.

There was no any error occurred when we installed, so it should work. After we finish the installation, restart your laptop.

Now let us look at how to set the touchpad so that the touchpad can be disable automatically when an external mouse installed.

In your Windows 7, go to Control Panel, choose Hardware and Sound


then choose the “Mouse” item under “Devices and Printers” in the next screen:


Now you will be happy to see the Dell TouchPad setting screen !


For setting TouchPad, just click the touchpad graphic, then you will see the setting window, for our requirement, we want to disable the touchpad when an external mouse pluged in, so we choose Device Select Button Settings


After we click, we got the following screen:


Check on “Disable Touchpad / Pointing Stick when external USB mouse is present”

Click OK, then we got it. Our Dell Studio 1535 TouchPad was disabled when we used our USB mouse.