List enum item names using C#

Assume you have define an enum like :

public enum LanguageCollection : int
    English = 0,

Is it possible to populate all enum item to a dropdownlist control without hard code each enum name ? The answer is Yes.

Here is sample code :

for (int i = 0; i < Enum.GetNames(typeof(LanguageCollection)).Length; i++)
     this.menuCBLanguage.Items.Add(Enum.GetName(typeof(LanguageCollection), i));

Remove subversion (SVN) source control from a project

How to remove subversion (SVN) source control from a project ?

Too easy ways:

Way 1: Just simply delete all .svn folders under your project folder and all sub folders in Windows Explorer;

Way 2: Create a new folder  which you can get a Non-SVN control project code later, go to your SVN controled project, right click on root folder, TortoiseSVN -> Export , then select the folder that you created just now, click OK, then you will get a clear project without SVN control;

Good luck !

Should I add the Visual Studio .suo and .user files to source control ?

.suo and .user file are two types of hidden user files in Visual Studio project.

.suo file which is a binary file. .user file is the project user file which is a text file.

You don’t need to add these 2 files to your source control (SCM) since they contain per-user settings and SUO (Solution User Options) records all of the options that you might associate with your solution so that each time you open it, it includes customizations that you have made.

What is .suo file in Visual Studio project ?

Copied explanation from Microsoft official site:

Solution Files (.sln and .suo)

Visual Studio uses two file types (.sln and .suo) to store settings specific to solutions. These files, known collectively as solution files, provide Solution Explorer with the information it needs to display a graphical interface for managing your files. They allow you to concentrate on your projects and final goals rather than on the environment itself each time you return to your development tasks.

.sln:   Visual Studio Solution

Organizes projects, project items and solution items into the solution by providing the environment with references to their locations on disk.

.suo  Solution User Options

Records all of the options that you might associate with your solution so that each time you open it, it includes customizations that you have made.

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New site after missing my old CodeEase site

The old CodeEase site was created in 2008 or 2009, but there was a serious accident , or you can say it was my fault: I forgot to renew the hosting and did not have a time to check the status, until everything gone, finally the entire site gone, I even did not backup my site !

Very bad and sad ! I almost wanted to give up, I did not want to build a new site anymore !

Until this week, I felt that I should continue the code writing and collections, I need to record all beautiful code, Because I can not live without code. That is it.

So, let me, and my partners, or even you guys, build a completely new ! Welcome ! And share your ideas, and, most important is: code.