An ASP.NET MVC Website Using AngularJS and Running on Azure Cloud Platform

Published on Saturday, November 12, 2016

I created Amazon Filler Items Searching website in last month. I used multiple technologies such as ASP.NET MVC 5, C#, .NET Framework 4.6, Async Task, Ajax, jQuery, Bootstrap etc. All these technologies are popular in current .NET applications development. Actually, Amazon Filler Searching website is a real project because we load formal commercial Amazon web services. You can use it for your real purchasing on Amazon.

However, in current web technologies, there is another hot name: AngularJS. What is AngularJS ? Please check AngularJS official website, this blog is not a place for introducing AngularJS content detailly, but we can simply to say: You might know jQuery, if you think jQuery is a JavaScript library, then please know AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for web application.

Smart Amazon has the similar face with Amazon Filler Items Searching website. Because both of them are based on Amazon web service and output searching result, and, both of websites use same technologies which I mentioned previously.

However, Amazon Filler Items Searching site uses jQuery for client JavaScript works, its functions is finding out all items under users specified searching contidions, such as filler items for free shipping;

Smart Amazon site uses AngularJS as client JavaScript works, its current function is for searching out Top 10 Sellers in each Amazon category; it will have more Amazon service functions in the future.

Please check the Smart Amazon website: the Link.


The code sample in Smart Amazon project as the following, which indicates the AngularJS code are used in view page, here I do not show the module and controller code since all code are easy to read from web page source code:


In current version Smart Amazon only provides the 1st service: Searching Top 10 Sellers (Best Selling Items) for each of Amazon Category.

It is very simple to use: Just select an Amazon category from dropdown list, and click Search button:


The searching result is similar to Amazon Filler Items website too, but there is no pagination since Amazon only returns up to 10 items for each category.


Please remember:

1: Smart Amazon website uses AngularJS on ASP.NET 5 with MVC, and other technologies;

2: Smart Amazon website is running on Microsoft Azure cloud platform;

3: Smart Amazon can be used for your real Amazon purchasing since we are use formal commercial Amazon web service, all searching results are real data on Amazon website;

4: Smart Amazon will provide more Amazon services in its future editions;

Again, the Smart Amazon website link is here: