Install Eclipse for C/C++ Windows Edition

Published on Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We have a C++ project based on Linux system, so we need a good Editor but not Visual Studio since the C++ is for Linux.

And, we do not want to use Ubuntu but just use Windows 7. So we decide to download Eclipse for C/C++ Windows Edition from Eclipse official site. (Note: our Windows 7 is 64-bit so we chose Eclipse 64-bit edition)

Please know also “[Canada] University of Waterloo Computer Science Club (http)” is the server for downloading Eclipse.

After you download, unzip it and double click eclipse.exe to run, but you might see the following error message:


Then just like install Eclipse for Java, we have to install Java runtime environment or JDK. Just check our posts for Eclipse for Java installation.

OK, we install JRE.


After JRE installation, we then can continue to install Eclipse for C/C++:


Specify a work folder:


After some while for installation process, the Eclipse install successfully.