Map API or Controls Licenses

Published on Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Not all Map service is free, most of them need licenses, but they provide free using under some rules.

Here is example of Microsoft Silverlight maps control for Developers:

Developers at all types of organizations can use the Bing Maps Platform for free, under the following conditions:

* Use is on public-facing, non-password protected Web sites
* Limit of 125,000 sessions or 500,000 transactions in a 12 month period

Developers using the Bing Maps Platform for free receive:

* Full choice of Bing Maps APIs
* Aerial, road, and Streetside™
* Access to documentation and developer articles on MSDN
* Access to the developer forum for support questions

Google, Microsoft, ArcGIS all need license fee if the software deploy and customer use. But free for development.

1: Bing Maps Licensing and Pricing Information:

2: ArcGIS: