A Simple ASP.NET MVC Amazon Filler Items Searching Website

Update: I have released the version 2.  After you read the content below, please also read the new version information. Thanks!

As a practice, and replying for a friend’s request. I just wrote a simple Amazon Filler Item Finding website in this weekend. I put it on Microsoft Azure platform for the demo now.

It is a single web page website currently, but the background it that I used ASP.NET MVC 5, C#, .NET Framework 4.6, Async Task, Ajax, jQuery, Bootstrap etc. on this simple website. It is a single page but there were multiple technologies on it. I will add more feature on it if I get more spare time.

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Amazon 2016 Prime Day: Crazy Deals just 1 Day

July 12 is Amazon Prime Day. There are 100,000 deals to all Prime members in all over the world Amazon websites. There are many crazy deals in this day including hot items such as SSD, Kitchenware, Home tools etc.

The general Amazon 2016 Prime Day link is HERE. (You can take Prime member 30 days trial for free and cancel it anytime, that means you can sign up to be an Amazon Prime member to order items today, and cancel the Prime member after 30-day trial or even cancel the membership tomorrow, so that Amazon will not charge your Prime annual fee after 30-day trial)

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