Cloud Computing is Required Feature in New Enterprise Applications

I mentioned Cloud Computing was the mainstream currently. We have to consider the Cloud Computing requirement in most of our existing or new developing software projects NOW because the Cloud Computing has penetrated to everywhere in our life. it came very earlier than we thought.

For example the software systems in Coal Mine.

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Cloud Computing is the Mainstream Now

Due to the newest quarter earning releases from big companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google in the last week, the Cloud Computing related services and products became or is to become the main revenue growth.

One obvious truth is: more and more businesses are turning to Cloud Computing platform and related products.

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VMware vSphere, VMware Player, WMware ESXi, vSphere Hypervisor

There are too many confusing VMware products from VMware but lack of clear descriptions about them. For example, it is hard to know what difference or what relationship between vSphere Hypervisor and VMware player. I searched multiple days about these two concepts through Google, but I still did not clear idea about their relationship, and there is no any information about them in VMware official site ether.

What I can do it I try to record something which I have gotten by now, through internet.

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Install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on Hyper-V Virtual Machine

Our development needs different OS and platforms to test, so we set some virtual machines on Windows Server 2012.

Here we set a virtual machine to install Linux, we install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS this time.

1: We will use a .iso image file, set the virtual machine to load the .iso file:


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