Gmail Free Storage Keeps Increasing ?

I have used Gmail for some years. and I know the Gmail site keep changing the available space, the number seems keep increasing. But I thought it is fake just like TV advertisement.

Today I watched their number for some while, and got to know the number is real, they are really keep increasing the storage !


You can see they increase the storage by 4 bytes every second.

That means you can get Gmail storage increase 24 X 60 X 60 X 4 = 345600 bytes every day.

1024 bytes = 1 Kilobytes
1024 Kilobytes  = 1 Megabytes
1024 Megabytes = 1 Gigabytes
1024 Gigabytes = 1 Terabytes

So if you want 1GB more Gmail storage, you have to wait for:

1024 X 1024 X 1024 / 345600 = 3106.89 days = 8.5 years.

So you know now the Gmail storage increasing is actually not fast, and you should not be too exiting about this. any other big computer can also provide this rate increasing of storage, such as Microsoft, Yahoo. Microsoft has already provided over 25GB free storage in Hotmail. The Gmail service currently provides more than 7.5 GB of free storage.

How Much is my Gmail Available Space ?

Do you have a Gmail account ? Do you know how much is the Gmail storage ? and how much space left in your Gmail ?

Gmail’s storage size number is not a stable number, Google will always offers more space for free, Currently the Gmail storage is over 7.5 GB and free. You have to know the storage is based on your all email message and attachments, and also including those spam and trash mails.

To check your Gmail space and available space, it is very simple:

Go to your Gmail page bottom and find the following information:

You are currently using XX MB (X%) of your XXXX MB.


The indicator words above is color green, it means you still have enough space, but if you approach the storage limit, the words will change from green to red.

Importance marker in Gmail

There is another new feature in Gmail today: Importance Marker.

Seems not all Gmail account can see this new feature today, but if you can see the below marker or popup message in you Gmail, you have the markers.

You can use Importance markers to mark your email as Important or cancel the important marker.


When you mouse hand over the Importance marker, you can see the following tips:



You even can search Importance emails, just like labels emails. see below guide from Google.

Importance markers in Priority Inbox

Priority Inbox displays different colored arrows to indicate different types of messages. A yellow arrow means that a message is important and unread. A gray marker means that the message is important and read or archived. A message Gmail has classified as unimportant has no marker.

If you want to know why a message was classified as important, you can hover your mouse over the importance marker for that message in order to see the main reason why the message was marked important.

If you prefer, you can hide these markers. Just go to the Priority Inbox tab of your Gmail settings and select the No markers option in the Importance markers section.

Gmail treats these markers like labels, so you can search for messages that are important by using the search operator ‘is:important’

Chat with AIM users using gmail

There is a new feature in Gmail today: Contact AIM users using your gmail even you are not a AIM user:


Just add your friend’s AIM account in the textbox which you can see above;

About AIM in Gmail (AIM Federation)

Gmail Chat lets you chat with AIM users even if you don’t have an AIM account.

Once you sign into your Gmail account you can add AIM contacts directly into Gmail just like you would add a Gmail or Google Talk contact. Your AIM buddies will populate your Contacts list, and are searchable just like your Google Talk contacts.

To invite them to chat simply type their screen name into your Chat roster’s search field (i.e. and click Invite to chat. Once your contact accepts your invitation you’ll be able to start chatting.

– From Google

Use single Gmail account to receive / send emails from / to others email accounts

Gmail is going on Google’s cloud computing service road, it provides lots of great functions.

Actually no matter Gmail is a kind of Cloud service or not, there is an important feature which lots of user are care : Can it receive other email account’s emails ? for example, can I use my Gmail to receive Yahoo’s emails ? Can I send a yahoo email through a Gamil ?

The answer is YES !

Let us show you the  steps :

1: Login to your Gmail account, and check the top-right of screen , you can see the “Settings” menu:

2: Click “Settings” menu item, and then you see Settings panel, and then , click the menu “Accounts and Import” on the top:

3: In “Accounts and Import” page, you can import emails from other email account, and also, you can add POP3 server and receive emails from other email account, no matter they are gmail account or not; And, you can set SMTP server to send emails !

4: First we just talk about how to receive other accounts’ emails, so click “Add POP3 email account” button, and Input your email account which you want to receive by current Gmail account, and click “Next Step” button:

5: In the following screen, input your another email password, and set proper POP Server, and Port number. Gmail has set the default POP server and Port number for you, but sometimes you have to confirm them from other email provider. sometimes, you have to change the setting of use SSL or not.

Anyway, all settings just similar with what you set in Outlook.

After you finished all settings, just click “Add Account” button, and then you should be able to receive your other emails from current Gmail account. You can add more email accounts.

6: About Send email now. In above step 3, you can see “Send Email As” in the same screen, click the button “Send mail from another address”:

7: Then you can see the the following screen, input other email information:

8: The next screen is the following, Here you can choose either “Send throught Gmail” or Send through other SMTP server.
The settings are also similar what you set in your OutLook

OK, now you can send or receive emails through your single Gmail.

If you meet any problem, please double check your settings, or find help from Google’s official site, such as this page.

Enjoy your Gmail !