Office 365 and iCloud news

Today we got 2 news about cloud computingL

The first one is that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed Office 365 will be released in June 28, this is no more bate version.


"June 28th is the date for General Availability of Office 365! > 100,000 real customers on beta…Partners, are you ready???" Jon Roskill, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Group, said via Twitter.

Microsoft Office 365 for professionals and small businesses is a subscription service that combines the familiar Microsoft Office Web Apps with a set of web-enabled tools that are easy to learn and use, that work with your existing hardware, and that come backed by the robust security, reliability, and control you need to run your business.

The second is Apple revealed Appleā€™s cloud computing service today. They named it iCloud.


Apple announced iCloud will replace MobileMe, ending the products lifetime and moving all services over to iCloud. It was also announced that iCloud is free of charge. The cloud based system allows users to store Music, Photos, Apps, iBooks and Contacts, as well as serving as a platform for Apple’s email servers, and calendars. Each account has 5GB of free storage.

Microsoft will release IE 9 on March 14

Microsoft today announced it would launch Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) on Monday, March 14.

Microsoft announced the launch date on its Windows Team Blog on Wednesday. IE9 will be available for download at 9 p.m. Pacific, so for east coasters the launch date is technically March 15 at midnight.

Windows XP users will not see the IE9 RTW offer because the browser does not work on the still-dominant operating system, an omission that rivals have used to their advantage

Most Popular Programming Languages in 2010

TIOBE has released the 2010 report of Programming Languages index in January 2011.

Tiobe is a main popular site for ranking programming languages. They uses Google, Yahoo, Live MSN or might Bing search engines to measure the popularity of each programming language.

Here is part data of their report:

Jan 2011  Jan 2010    Programming Language
1                 1                          Java
2                 2                          C
3                 4                          C++
4                 3                          PHP
5                 7                          Python
6                 6                          C#
7                 5                          (Visual) Basic
8                 12                        Objective-C
9                 8                          Perl
10               10                        Ruby
11               9                          JavaScript
12               11                        Delphi

You can see at present the No. 1 popular programming language is Java, but C# is the only one language that is keeping growing, Python might be another one which is growing but it dropped lots between 2004 and 2005.

For more detail please visit  TIOBE Programming Community Index for January 2011