Azure Scheduler will be retired

Azure Logic Apps is replacing Azure Scheduler, which is being retired.

Azure Storage and Data Services

We have introduced Azure Storage Services. There are other services about storage and data on Azure.

Azure Storage services

By now, we see there are 4 storage services on Microsoft Azure:

Microsoft Azure Free Products

Microsoft Cloud Platform Azure provides always-free products and free for the first 12 months products.

An ASP.NET MVC Website Using AngularJS and Running on Azure Cloud Platform

I created Amazon Filler Items Searching website in last month. I used multiple technologies such as ASP.NET MVC 5, C#, .NET Framework 4.6, Async Task, Ajax, jQuery, Bootstrap etc. All these technologies are popular in current .NET applications development. Actually, Amazon Filler Searching website is a real project because we load formal commercial Amazon web services. You can use it for your real purchasing on Amazon.

The Amazon Filler Items Searching Website is Upgraded

I released a simple ASP.NET MVC website using Amazon service 2 days ago. I might call it MyFiller project version 1. In the 1st version, I actually have not finished all features which I wanted. So in past 2 days, I modified something on it. Now I can call it version 2.

Azure Free Tier Web App Uses Free Database Solution

If use database in our Web application and publish to Azure platform free tier plan, the database has very limited size so we’d better use other way.

About My IoT Demo Application

I have times to collect information from my existed applications using different technologies now. IoT was the one of them. I had an running IoT Demo application which used Windows Forms, C# and Microsoft Azure IoT.

IaaS, PaaS, SaaS on Microsoft Azure

How about the IaaS, PaaS, SaaS on Microsoft Azure? What Azure products are IaaS, PaaS, SaaS ?

My Suggestions and Ideas to Microsoft’s Survey about Azure

Microsoft Azure website released a survey which was about its Azure website. The following were my submitted content:

Team Member Permission under Azure Work or School Account

Azure Work or School Account is the new name of old Azure Organization Account. About how to set a team member to use Azure under Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN subscription (old name was Visual Studio Ultimate subscription), I forwarded previously this link to our company's subscription administrator.

About Azure Scheduler Free Tier in 2016

Scheduler on Azure has been adjusted in new portal since we created the scheduler using classic portal. We can not remember whether the scheduler creating was only supported in classic portal, but we remember we did creating scheduler in classic portal.

Azure subscription and service limits, quotas, and constraints

Check limits for Microsoft Azure:

Create a free Azure Scheduler

When you created a Scheduler on Azure on current version, your default scheduler will not be the free one, it is a standard package, which needs you pay money.

How to create a scheduler on Microsoft Azure

We have a case that needs to create a Microsoft Azure scheduler. Since Microsoft’s Azure still provides some modules which are still preview editions, so let me give the steps to create a new scheduler using current Azure platform.

App Service Plan and Resource Group on Azure

Here are 2 links:

Cloud Computing is Required Feature in New Enterprise Applications

I mentioned Cloud Computing was the mainstream currently. We have to consider the Cloud Computing requirement in most of our existing or new developing software projects NOW because the Cloud Computing has penetrated to everywhere in our life. it came very earlier than we thought.

Cloud Computing is the Mainstream Now

Due to the newest quarter earning releases from big companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google in the last week, the Cloud Computing related services and products became or is to become the main revenue growth.

A Nice Tutorial about Hosting an ASP.NET App on Windows Azure

You can deploy your ASP.NET application to Windows Azure, actually Windows Azure can not only for hosting ASP.NET stuff, but also database, services, and other language applications such as PHP. (146) c# (101) .net (92) silverlight (62) sql server (59) visual studio (57) wpf (53) Web (53) Windows (51) sql (42) microsoft (39) cloud (37) wcf (35) mvc (27) windows forms (22) azure (19) computer (19) c++ (16) iis (16) source control (16) javascript (15) c (15) WordPress (13) mobile (13) database (13) map (13) git (12) report (12) Blog (10) gis (10) linux (10) php (9) svn (9) css (7) google (7) system (7) jquery (7) web api (6) windows phone (6) open source (5) gmail (5) html (5) java (5) bing map (5) membership (4) windows server (4) system management (4) html5 (4) amazon (4) vmware (4) control (4) Virtual Machine (4) storage (3) binding (3) api (3) security (3) virus (3) cpu (3) network (3) modbus (3) windows 7 (3) signalr (3) linq (3) chart (3) bing (3) eclipse (3) job (3) iot (3) youtube (3) mono (3) news (3) blazor (2) .net core (2) socket (2) bootstrap (2) data (2) development (2) setup (2) Skype (2) driver (2) xml (2) (2) cellphone (2) uml (2) VB (2) Router (2) server (2) programming (2) game (2) xbox (2) phone (2) visio (2) (2) ssd (2) angularjs (2) animation (2) video (2) interview (2) tools (2) permission (2) xamarin (2) cross platform (2) tcp (1) client (1) WebAssembly (1) Website (1) Static (1) screen (1) tablet (1) ai (1) enum (1) esri (1) document (1) help (1) android (1) iphone (1) it (1) threat (1) software (1) kinect (1) size (1) install (1) print (1) grant (1) power (1) page (1) web app (1) printer (1) monitor (1) jave (1) wp7 (1) apps (1) office (1) dell (1) font (1) windows.form (1) vista (1) xp (1) ce (1) compact (1) object (1) hosting (1) Micorosoft (1) sdk (1) hot key (1) rss (1) combobox (1) gps (1) mobille (1) chrome (1) firefox (1) ie (1) embedded (1) media-player (1) firewall (1) GAC (1) browser (1) Memory (1) mfc (1) memebership (1) image (1) WiFi (1) Powerline (1) Internet (1) postgresql (1) Scada (1) email (1) singleton (1) life (1) Code (1) web socket (1) iis express (1) entity framework (1) windows-8 (1) event (1) Cell phone (1) design (1) thread (1) mysql (1) editor (1) sql.server (1) msdn (1) shared (1) reset (1) share (1) restful (1) deals (1) deal (1) angular (1) free shipping (1) ajax (1) iquery (1) core (1) tfs (1) config (1) password (1) 3d (1) maya (1) mel (1) rendering (1) agile (1) software development (1) hyper-v (1) linkedin (1) social (1) HDD (1) tekton (1) account (1) schduler (1) architecture (1) solution (1) seo (1) home (1)