Blazor 123

Base information of Blazor

Blazor is a single-page app framework for building interactive client-side Web apps with .NET. Blazor uses open web standards without plugins or code transpilation. Blazor works in all modern web browsers, including mobile browsers. (from Microsoft ASP.NET Website)

Microsoft to acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion

When we checked Microsoft cloud website Azure today, we saw a title “Microsoft + GitHub” and we immediately realized there should have been a big news happened.

Microsoft Build 2018

Microsoft Build is an annual conference event which is aimed towards software engineers and web developers using Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft Azure Free Products

Microsoft Cloud Platform Azure provides always-free products and free for the first 12 months products.

Microsoft’s Help Document Websites

Microsoft has MSDN their online document resources and they have been there for many years. But, in 2016, Microsoft released a new document platform which is, the at that time the new document website was still preview version.

Microsoft Connect(); 2017 sessions available at Channel 9

Microsoft Connect(); 2017 sessions available at Channel 9

Microsoft Early Holiday Deals 2017

The shopping season is here and Microsoft is launching their Holiday Gift Guide and early holiday deals featuring free shipping and returns!

Microsoft Store Canada Black Friday 2016 Deals

Microsoft Store Canada just revealed their Black Friday 2016 deals. You can see the deals now but you can not buy until Nov 24 (midnight).

About My IoT Demo Application

I have times to collect information from my existed applications using different technologies now. IoT was the one of them. I had an running IoT Demo application which used Windows Forms, C# and Microsoft Azure IoT.

Microsoft Will Give You Free Windows Server Datacenter (Win Server) if You Show Love to Hyper-V

We enjoyed the FREE upgrading to Windows 10 in past year, now with the launch of Windows Server 2016, Microsoft wants to give us more, but it is not Windows 10 this time, it is about Windows Server, which is more useful for enterprise customers.

Microsoft’s Technologies are keeping expanding

Microsoft is becoming cool. They are releasing more and more amazing technologies and expanding their technologies to be applied widely. I mentioned before, Google and Apple’s technologies seems were always welcome by young people since they thought those technologies were cool, but they thought the technologies which were came from Microsoft were most “old, out of dated”.

Microsoft Announced the Plan of SQL Server on Linux

Microsoft SQL Server is a popular database system. It is also the one of top 3 database systems in the world (The other 2 are Oracle and MySQL). It is also the biggest database systems on Windows platform.

Microsoft Signed Agreement to Acquire Xamarin

I just read the BIG and GREAT news to all Microsoft technologies developers this morning. But I read it some lately: Microsoft has signed an agreement to acquire Xamarin !! This is really an existing news, and it happened 2 days ago (actually less than 48 hours ago).

Microsoft is Too Smart to Name Their Products

Microsoft made lots of software, and even hardware devices. Also, Microsoft named lots of products which they released. If you are a developer, or if you used Microsoft products, you also know Microsoft keeps changing many product names and canceling many products, especially they cancelled when you just spent time to learn them. but what ever, you know a truth, Microsoft like to give names to their products, and, they always thought the names were great.

What is .FFU File ?

If you recently research Windows 10 IoT with some hardware board such as Raspberry Pi, you should see the .FFU file, and you might realize you can not get enough information from Google search to know the .FFU file information.

How to create a scheduler on Microsoft Azure

We have a case that needs to create a Microsoft Azure scheduler. Since Microsoft’s Azure still provides some modules which are still preview editions, so let me give the steps to create a new scheduler using current Azure platform.

Windows 10 Briefing Event in 2015 Jan 21

Microsoft just finished their Windows 10 new status event in today.

Microsoft Stopped Windows 7 Mainstream Supporting

Yesterday, 2015 January 13, Microsoft stopped the mainstream supporting for Windows 7.

Microsoft Announced .NET Open Source and Visual Studio Free

I missed a big event from Microsoft in passed 2 days since I was busy on our business project. I forgot the event date. so, I missed the big news from Microsoft. I just realized Microsoft took .NET open source, and released Visual Studio full feature edition.

Microsoft Official Dev Center Site

Here is the Dev Center site of Microsoft. You can find dev information about Desktop, Hardware, Web etc.

Highlights of Microsoft Build 2014 Day 2

Day 2 of Build 2014 focused on Cloud Computing: Microsoft public cloud platform: Azure; also they had private cloud computing content.

Highlights of Microsoft Build 2014 Day 1

2014 April 2, The day 1 of Microsoft Build 2014.

Register a Microsoft Account Using Non-Microsoft Email (Gmail, Yahoo Mail…)

If you want to register a Microsoft account, and you do not want to use a Microsoft email to register, is it possible?

ASP.NET Site Down? Forwarded to Bing site currently

I just found when I try to visit website, it was forwarded bing site:

Microsoft Patterns and Practices Developer Center

We often see the words “Microsoft patterns & practices” on Microsoft development websites.

How to Uninstall NuGet Packages ?

You might installed some packages using NuGet Manager in Visual Studio. but did you try to uninstall packages if you do not want the package any more?

Skype is on Cloud Now, SkyDrive is the Next

Today’s news reported that Microsoft Visa President Scott Guthrie said they have already moved Skype service onto Windows Azure.

Windows Phone / RT System Will Be Free ?

This morning we read a news about Microsoft is considering making Windows Phone and Windows RT system free of charge.

Open Sources from Microsoft

Microsoft only makes software which you have to pay ?

Windows 8.1 Released !

Microsoft released not only Visual Studio 2013 version today, they also released Windows 8.1.

Why As A Microsoft Tech Developer is So Painful!

When the years of Java Learn from C++, I did not have a good chance and a good reason to turn to Java, I think it was my BIG BIG Bad luck in my life. so, through so many years, I am keeping on the Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft Big’s Event Today ?

There were lots of medias got an invite from Microsoft in the last week about an event in Los Angeles in June 18th, but seems nobody got detail information about this event, nobody knew what Microsoft will publish before today.

Bing Maps Services

We can use Bing Map Services directly to implement our Bing Map project.

Check SkyDrive Status

Windows Live SkyDrive is a kind of cloud computing service which let user "Store, organize, and download your files, photos, and favorites onWindows Live servers, and access them from any computer with an Internet connection. Share photos and files that you create with your friends, collaborate on documents, or display photos and files that you create for anyone on the Windows Live network."

Microsoft to buy Nvidia

Microsoft will have another purchase: to buy Nvidia. “Nvidia is an American global technology company which specializes in the development of graphics processing units and chipset technologies for workstations, personal computers, and mobile devices”

A Microsoft tech Blog with Wordpress

Found a Microsoft tech blog but using Wordpress, LiveSino, but it is in Chinese, not sure it is from Microsoft or just a personal site, but most like it is from a Microsoft team or group.

Microsoft will release IE 9 on March 14

Microsoft today announced it would launch Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) on Monday, March 14.

Skype went down for hours

2010 Dec 22, the world lead internet phone and video service Skype went down in a global service outstage.

Bing Maps APIs Type

Microsoft provides multiple Bing Maps APIs:

Bing Maps Silverlight Control

All detail Bing Maps Silverlight Control official information here: (148) c# (105) .net (96) silverlight (62) sql server (60) visual studio (57) wpf (56) Web (53) Windows (51) sql (43) microsoft (40) cloud (38) wcf (35) mvc (27) windows forms (23) azure (19) computer (19) source control (17) c++ (16) iis (16) javascript (15) c (15) git (14) database (14) WordPress (13) mobile (13) map (13) report (12) Blog (10) gis (10) linux (10) php (9) svn (9) css (8) google (7) system (7) jquery (7) html (6) web api (6) windows phone (6) gmail (5) open source (5) java (5) bing map (5) membership (4) .net core (4) blazor (4) Virtual Machine (4) windows server (4) system management (4) html5 (4) amazon (4) vmware (4) control (4) cpu (3) static (3) bootstrap (3) storage (3) binding (3) news (3) network (3) modbus (3) windows 7 (3) signalr (3) linq (3) chart (3) bing (3) eclipse (3) api (3) security (3) virus (3) job (3) iot (3) youtube (3) mono (3) setup (2) Skype (2) driver (2) xml (2) (2) cellphone (2) uml (2) VB (2) singleton (2) core (2) entity framework (2) WebAssembly (2) socket (2) data (2) development (2) cross platform (2) Router (2) server (2) programming (2) game (2) xbox (2) phone (2) visio (2) (2) ssd (2) angularjs (2) animation (2) video (2) interview (2) tools (2) permission (2) xamarin (2) kinect (1) size (1) install (1) print (1) grant (1) power (1) page (1) web app (1) printer (1) monitor (1) jave (1) wp7 (1) apps (1) office (1) dell (1) font (1) windows.form (1) vista (1) xp (1) ce (1) compact (1) object (1) hosting (1) Micorosoft (1) sdk (1) hot key (1) rss (1) combobox (1) gps (1) mobille (1) chrome (1) firefox (1) ie (1) embedded (1) media-player (1) firewall (1) GAC (1) browser (1) Memory (1) mfc (1) memebership (1) image (1) desktop (1) theme (1) tcp (1) client (1) Website (1) screen (1) tablet (1) ai (1) enum (1) esri (1) home (1) WiFi (1) Powerline (1) Internet (1) postgresql (1) Scada (1) email (1) life (1) Code (1) web socket (1) iis express (1) windows-8 (1) event (1) Cell phone (1) design (1) thread (1) mysql (1) editor (1) sql.server (1) msdn (1) shared (1) reset (1) share (1) document (1) help (1) android (1) iphone (1) it (1) threat (1) software (1) restful (1) deals (1) deal (1) angular (1) free shipping (1) ajax (1) iquery (1) tfs (1) config (1) password (1) 3d (1) maya (1) mel (1) rendering (1) agile (1) software development (1) hyper-v (1) linkedin (1) social (1) HDD (1) tekton (1) account (1) schduler (1) architecture (1) solution (1) seo (1)