windows forms

Open a Single Instance of Window in WPF

We often need to limit some Windows in a system to allow only one open each time. If you want to open another instance of the Window, you must first close the opened one; on the other hand, if the opened Window instance is not closed, you cannot open a new instance of the same Window.

CheckBox Control Acts as Toggle Button

We needed to use common Windows Forms control to show a simple toggle style small text box. We firstly wanted to use Textbox control, but later we found Textbox control is not good for toggling.

How to disable Progress bar’s animation in .NET

The Windows Forms progress bar control comes with re-draw bar function by default, you will see the drawing process from left to right when you have one or multiple progress bar controls on your screen.

Windows Forms Listview Control Columns Header not Shown

When you use Windows Form Listview control, you will see a strange problem: you added columns, but the columns can not showing up in the designer panel in Visual Studio.

WPF and Windows Form Integration Application Localization

We have a Windows From application to load WPF modules, due to Microsoft programming guide, they called this kind of application as WPF and Windows Form integration application.

A Scada System Desktop Client

This is a client of a Scada system. It is a WPF windows application (built in 2014).

Conspec Windows Primary System S950 Part 1

Windows Primary System is a Coal Mine gas detection device control system which provided Conspec Controls.

Windows Form FlowLayoutPanel Memory Leak ?

There were not only one time, and there were lots of programmer who used Windows Form FlowLayoutPanel control got the memory leak issues.

Windows Form Application Stopped Working Due to Problem Event Name CLR20r3

There was a windows forms application based on .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010, it was working well on a PC which we developed it on, but after we moved its debug folder that includes generated executable files, it crashed (We used Windows 7):

ConfigurationManager in Windows Form using Visual Studio 2010

When you create a new Windows Forms application in Visual Studio 2010, and if you want to do something related config file, normally you will use ConfigurationManager namespace, for example:

Custom Microsoft Chart Control Zoom Reset Button

After you zoom in the Microsoft Chart control. you will see X scroll bar and Y scroll bar which you can scroll the view. Also, you can see two small icons beside the scroll arrow button on scroll bars, the one is on X scroll bar, another one is on Y scroll bar. They are zoom reset buttons.

Force Windows Forms Application to Run As Administrator on Windows 7

If you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2008, you should know the UAC (User Account Control), this is one of significant differences between Windows XP and the newer Windows System.

Form.DialogResult Does Not Call Close Method Automatically

When we use Form.DialogResult in our Windows Form project, we should know it just return a DialogResult, it does NOT call a Close method to close the form automatically. Even you click the Close icon in the top-right corner of the form to close the form.

Arrow keys can not be captured in KeyDown event ?

In Windows Forms, If you write a KeyDown event method for some keys, such as arrow keys, you might find it doesn't work, but for other keys like A,B,C,D… it work.

Scrolling Stuck in Microsoft Chart Control

We have a windows form project which used Microsoft Chart Control. The Axis X is DateTime type, Axis Y are double values.

Custom Renderer for ToolStrip Control

“You can achieve completely custom appearance and behavior by setting either the ToolStrip.Renderer property or the ToolStripManager.Renderer property to a custom renderer.” – From Microsoft.

Object reference not set to an instance of an object in resx resource file

We have a Windows Forms solution which includes multiple sub projects, and since long time, we used Visual Studio 2005, and then 2008, now we are using Visual Studio 2010 to develop this solution.

Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID

We have a C# application which built in Windows XP using Visual Studio 2010, when we install this application to a 64-bit Windows 7 PC, we got the following error message in a popup windows:

Handle Keyboard Input at the Form Level and Control Level

When you handle keyboard input in Windows Form, you have to control them in at least two level: Form level and Control level.

ComboBox in Windows Form using KeyValuePairs

The ComboBox in Windows Form is not like the same control in Web Form, it can not insert a Key and Value pair directly.

ConfigurationManager can not be found in .NET 2.0 ?

When we added something such as database Connection String in App.config file in .Net 2.0, we need to use the following 2 ways to get Connection String:

Display image using PictureBox and ImageList in C# ( Windows Form )

The regular way to display image in a Windows Form is using PictureBox.

How to align controls in TableLayoutPanel ?

There is no direct alignment property for TableLayoutPanel. So lots of programmer have similar question: How to align the controls in TableLayoutPanel ? (148) c# (105) .net (96) silverlight (62) sql server (60) visual studio (57) wpf (56) Web (53) Windows (51) sql (43) microsoft (40) cloud (38) wcf (35) mvc (27) windows forms (23) azure (19) computer (19) source control (17) c++ (16) iis (16) javascript (15) c (15) git (14) database (14) WordPress (13) mobile (13) map (13) report (12) Blog (10) gis (10) linux (10) php (9) svn (9) css (8) google (7) system (7) jquery (7) html (6) web api (6) windows phone (6) gmail (5) open source (5) java (5) bing map (5) membership (4) .net core (4) blazor (4) Virtual Machine (4) windows server (4) system management (4) html5 (4) amazon (4) vmware (4) control (4) cpu (3) static (3) bootstrap (3) storage (3) binding (3) news (3) network (3) modbus (3) windows 7 (3) signalr (3) linq (3) chart (3) bing (3) eclipse (3) api (3) security (3) virus (3) job (3) iot (3) youtube (3) mono (3) setup (2) Skype (2) driver (2) xml (2) (2) cellphone (2) uml (2) VB (2) singleton (2) core (2) entity framework (2) WebAssembly (2) socket (2) data (2) development (2) cross platform (2) Router (2) server (2) programming (2) game (2) xbox (2) phone (2) visio (2) (2) ssd (2) angularjs (2) animation (2) video (2) interview (2) tools (2) permission (2) xamarin (2) kinect (1) size (1) install (1) print (1) grant (1) power (1) page (1) web app (1) printer (1) monitor (1) jave (1) wp7 (1) apps (1) office (1) dell (1) font (1) windows.form (1) vista (1) xp (1) ce (1) compact (1) object (1) hosting (1) Micorosoft (1) sdk (1) hot key (1) rss (1) combobox (1) gps (1) mobille (1) chrome (1) firefox (1) ie (1) embedded (1) media-player (1) firewall (1) GAC (1) browser (1) Memory (1) mfc (1) memebership (1) image (1) desktop (1) theme (1) tcp (1) client (1) Website (1) screen (1) tablet (1) ai (1) enum (1) esri (1) home (1) WiFi (1) Powerline (1) Internet (1) postgresql (1) Scada (1) email (1) life (1) Code (1) web socket (1) iis express (1) windows-8 (1) event (1) Cell phone (1) design (1) thread (1) mysql (1) editor (1) sql.server (1) msdn (1) shared (1) reset (1) share (1) document (1) help (1) android (1) iphone (1) it (1) threat (1) software (1) restful (1) deals (1) deal (1) angular (1) free shipping (1) ajax (1) iquery (1) tfs (1) config (1) password (1) 3d (1) maya (1) mel (1) rendering (1) agile (1) software development (1) hyper-v (1) linkedin (1) social (1) HDD (1) tekton (1) account (1) schduler (1) architecture (1) solution (1) seo (1)