About My Skills in 3D Animation (MEL, Animation, Rendering)

My friends and Colleagues were surprised with my UI skills no matter on WPF or Windows Form or Web. What my works were always much more beautiful than other software developers. I don’t know the exact reason actually, but I can tell you I do NOT ONLY have bachelor’s degree of Computer Science with many years software development experiences. BUT ALSO I own 3D Animation Certificate from a popular Canadian Public College, I guess I have more sensitive feeling and ideas on some art works.

I had a blog which was about my computer programming and 3D Animation stuff. There were lots of interesting content, but finally the blog was closed by 3rd party service. The possible reason was because I did not maintaining and updating long time.

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Watch Funny Video When Getting Pressure

When I got pressures, I did not have many ways to reduce pressure but just found simple things to do such as read technologies news from online, or went out for a short walk lonely.

Actually pressures are good to people, sometimes we need pressures, to welcome the next one but better stage in our life.

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Visual Studio Online Supports Agile Development

I was involved in CMM development management system in a IT giant company before, I am not sure whether the CMM name is still called CMM, but I personally felt the CMM management was really good for big company. But for some small businesses, if they want to provide faster response to customers (actually this should be the best method which a small business can use, which could compete with any bigger company ), for example, customer needs a running system urgently, or they need a real solution for fixing some problems quickly, development team can provide them a light-weight version earlier, during customer uses the earlier version, developers can keep on adding new features, making existing features stronger, and fixing bugs “on the fly”, this kind of development could be called as Agile development management.

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Microsoft Will Give You Free Windows Server Datacenter (Win Server) if You Show Love to Hyper-V

We enjoyed the FREE upgrading to Windows 10 in past year, now with the launch of Windows Server 2016, Microsoft wants to give us more, but it is not Windows 10 this time, it is about Windows Server, which is more useful for enterprise customers.

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Software Development Skills Review Part 1: WCF, ASP.NET Web API

Recently I was asked multiple questions about WCF, Web API, actually I posted multiple blog articles which were about WCF, Web API, The relationships between WCF, WCF Web API and ASP.NET Web API etc. in 2010 ~ 2013. Let me review them first, and then I will add new content and changes

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Experienced Software Developer Still Faces to Code or Basic Acknowledge Test When Interview

As a IT guy, a Software Developer, a Microsoft technologies developer (from C++ to .NET ) with over 24 years development history, I still have to face to some awkward (embarrassed ? ) situations such as job interviews. I left school so many years, but some interviews still needed me to give correct answers for some basic computer and programming acknowledges, such as: What is C# ? What features does OO have ? or I was asked for writing code to give a good performance program to implement a scanning or searching case based on stack or queue ….

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