About My Skills in 3D Animation (MEL, Animation, Rendering)

Published on Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My friends and Colleagues were surprised with my UI skills no matter on WPF or Windows Form or Web applications. Most of my software could have much more beautiful than other software developers. I can not tell you what the exact reason is, but I can tell you I do NOT ONLY have bachelor's degree of Computer Science with many years software development experiences. BUT ALSO I own 3D Animation Certificate from a popular Canadian Public College, I guess I have more sensitive feeling and better ideas on some art works than other software developers

I had a blog which was about my computer programming and 3D Animation stuff. There were lots of interesting content, but unfortunately the blog was closed by 3rd party service. The possible reason was because I did not maintaining and updating long time.

I was very interested in Computer Graphic field using my software programming skill. I would like to jump into CG world and becoming a useful member. It is my dream always.

Check my demo reel which I did in 2005.

When I was a small boy, I could draw much better than my classmates, I leaned myself and practiced myself. But most of parents hoped children to take the National Matriculation Examination at that time, they would be very proud if their children could enter a good university, few parents cared about arts. It was normal since no enough Arts teaching resources at that time, most of things and skills had to be done and learnt by art students themselves. I could not have any time to focus on arts or drawing during my high school and university.

After I graduated from my university. I tried multiple times to change my career from software developer to be a CG worker, I thought I could do 3D programming at least, I could implement great Maya tools using MEL when I got a chance to study 3D Animation in Canada, but since I did not have real experience in 3D or CG field, I finally had to find back computer job to support my family, so now I am still a software developer, not a CG person.

I do not know how the CG world changed, is there a chance to me to find my position now ? or it is too late ? Anyway I love those CG people and admire them very much ! Also, I love all software developers for sure !