How about no more Silverlight 6?

Published on Friday, May 9, 2014

I am considering what solution will be a good replacing solution if Microsoft really no more have new Silverlight edition like Silverlight 6, I tried using JavaScript way (or JavaScript library such as jQuery) and found for non-small data realtime data, JavaScript solution is worse than Silverlight solutions.

But, is there really no better solution if we do not use Silverlight? we will not choose flash because if we will not use Silverlight why we should use similar tech solution?

So, I am looking for something now… hope I will have better one, but, JavaScript solution is still not bad, if I have time I should finish the JavaScript web application, because then we can get flexible web pages, which could be visited from more platforms, such as mobile phone and tablets, without Microsoft stuff.

But, if Microsoft will have Silverlight 6, then definitely we should continue existing Silverlight applications, because that means Microsoft will support Silverlight to expand to more platforms, including mobile devices. That would be for sure,  if they would have Silverlight 6.