Upgrade and Modify CodeEase.com from 2013 Aug 21


It is the time to upgrade and modify CodeEase.com. I want to continue to use WordPress since it became Microsoft’s partner. Also Microsoft is changing, they spent more and more resources to open source. It is not bad if I using WordPress to continue my code posts.

I am still using WordPress 3.1.3 for CodeEase but current WordPress version is 3.6. so I think I ‘d better to upgrade now. also, I want some changes.

Let me record what I do for this time of upgrading and modifying.

1: Use FTP tool (filezilla for example) to download all files to my local computer from hosting server;

When I was downloading, I found the file transfer processing seems stuck on some file, which I found it was because the database backup files, so I removed those useful and big database files (.sql) which I do not need anymore;

2: Login to CodeEase admin dashboard. access Tools menu and choose Backup to backup database to local computer;

During the backup I found wp_commentmeta table is over size. (I login into hosting control panel and use my sql phpMyAdmin to check the data table sizes)


Then I searched internet and found the reason came from a bug of the WordPress Akismet plugin. So I use the following command to clean wp_commentmeta table:

DELETE FROM wp_commentmeta WHERE comment_id NOT IN (SELECT comment_id FROM wp_comments)

3: Now double check what I might miss according to WordPress official upgrade guide here.

4: Turn off all plugins which I installed;

5: Change back to default theme;

6: Now choose Automatically upgrade in WP dashboard.

image image

7: Now I see:


8: Now it is the time to turn on back all plugins, and change a new them which I like.